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Albuquerque Wiretap Defense Attorney

Because wiretaps are used mainly by federal law enforcement agencies and then only as a last resort, any case that required a wiretap to acquire evidence is very serious. And because wiretap cases also fall under federal jurisdiction, penalties are substantially more severe.

If you’ve been accused of a crime that required wiretapping, you need Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, an experienced Albuquerque federal criminal defense lawyer, to defend you.

Wiretapping and Related Consequences

Wiretapping DiscussionWiretapping is the seizing or overhearing of communication by means of a concealed recording or listening device connected to a transmission line (such as a telephone line). Cases that use wiretapping include:

Wiretaps should only be used as a last resort when every other investigative method has failed.

Effective Wiretap Case Defense

If you have been questioned or arrested through the use of wiretapping in evidence collection, contact the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, LLC as soon as possible.

Ms. Johnson is an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who also has knowledge of federal laws from a decade of serving in the State and Federal Prosecutor’s Offices. Her experience gives her insight into how a prosecutor thinks. She can anticipate the moves of the other side and deconstruct a case to look for weaknesses. This includes the premature and illegal use of wiretapping before every other technique was exhausted.

In all drug cases involving wiretaps, Ms. Johnson works in partnership with HR Legal Consultants who have extensive experience with wiretap cases to provide analysis and a thorough defense.

When you come to the Albuquerque Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, you will have a skilled and fearless criminal defense lawyer fighting for you who will build an aggressive, effective defense.

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