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Money Laundering Albuquerque Defense Lawyer

Money laundering is a serious crime, and the government has undertaken considerable efforts to apprehend any individual or company involved in this illegal action. Thus, any charge of money laundering could bring about significant penalties to the accused.

Money Laundering and US LawsMoney Laundering Defense

Money laundering is the act of concealing the source, owner and/or controller of monetary funds gained illegally. According to money laundering law:

  • Using proceeds generated from certain crimes, or “specific unlawful activities” (SUAs) in a financial transaction is prohibited
  • The individual or individuals in question must have intended to use the transaction to conceal the source of the illegally-gained money
  • There is no minimum amount of money
  • The financial transaction does not have to succeed to be illegal

A financial transaction is an umbrella term for many types of money movement; any transfer of money is considered to be money laundering under US law if it is used to conceal the origin of the money.

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Penalties for a money laundering conviction include time in prison and heavy fines.

Representation from a White collar Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM

Because you face the possibility of serious consequences if you are accused of money laundering, your best chance for representation is a white collar federal criminal defense lawyer who has experience and knowledge of federal laws and defending clients in federal criminal cases.

Erlinda Ocampo Johnson has many years of experience as an Albuquerque federal criminal defense attorney. Her years as a state and federal defense attorney also give her essential experience from which to draw in your defense.

If you are facing money laundering charges, contact the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, LLC for an experienced and aggressive defense.

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