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Albuquerque Embezzlement Charges Defense Attorney

Embezzlement White Collar DefenseEmbezzlement charges are taken very seriously by the justice system, and if you are convicted of embezzlement, you could face very serious penalties. Contact white collar criminal defense attorney Erlinda Ocampo Johnson for a strong embezzlement defense on your behalf.

Embezzlement Charges

Embezzlement is the willful theft of money from an employer or customer. If you are found guilty of embezzlement charges, you could face years in prison and heavy fines. Being found guilty of embezzlement can also affect your career; it will be difficult to find clients and employers willing to hire or interact with an individual convicted of embezzlement.

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Contacting an experienced and fearless Albuquerque white collar criminal defense attorney is your best defense against the serious consequences associated with an embezzlement charge. Whether the case is resolved before it gets to court or inside a courtroom, an aggressive and proactive embezzlement defense can provide the best chance for your future.

Embezzlement and White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney in Albuquerque

Embezzlement charges can be personally and professionally devastating. As an experienced Albuquerque criminal defense attorney, Ms. Johnson has the knowledge and understanding of defense law to build a strong, effective defense on your behalf. Her time as a state and federal prosecutor gives her special knowledge into the case building strategies of the opposition, which includes finding weaknesses in the case against you.

Don’t face the possibility of personal and professional devastation alone — contact the Law Office of Erlinda Ocampo Johnson, LLC today.

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